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Dr. Hall with playwright and screenwriter Ronald Harwood

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Updated July 2010

Art has a lot to answer for.

--Ronald Harwood


If you think your actions are too small to make a difference, you've never been in bed with a mosquito.


Why Major in English?

Here's the short answer!  The English Major is one of the most flexible, useful, profitable, and fulfilling majors offered in universities today.  Sure, there are people who think otherwise, and it's true, there are very few ads on the internet for English Majors per se.  But the skills that English majors bring to the workplace are important, unique, and, again, profitable.  As English Majors or Minors, students learn how to communicate, manage information, work collaboratively, and experience and enjoy diversity.  These are all important skills in this global economy. 

More importantly, perhaps more now than ever before, the English Major affords students the opportunity to develop their ethical character.  By examining the lives, works, and writings of people from diverse cultures, English majors experience these other cultures and values.  Further, when we read about certain people in certain situations, we make judgments regarding their choices, and perhaps, learn to make better choices in our own lives. 

Finally, the English Major is fun.  In addition to the dynamic course offerings and exciting instructors, there are student activities such as the English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta.  This group hosts a number of activities throughout the school year such as the "bad writing contest," Shakespeare's Birthday Party, and various film and literature events.   The group also edits the literary journal, Gesture.

Please feel free to stop by my office and ask me about the Major, Minor, or any other questions you might have about a life in literature. 

Recent and Current Courses Taught 

Freshman writing courses (ENG101 and 102)

Major British Writers I (ENG215)

Creative Writing--Playwriting (ENG322)


Wealth and Poverty in Film

And Lit (ENG 379)

International Literature (ENG357)

Shakespeare (ENG463) 


Film and Literature (ENG348G)

Senior Seminar (ENG498)

Women and Gender Studies (WGS279)

Various Graduate-level courses in ODU's Masters of Liberal Studies including Critical Theory, Modern Drama, Shakespeare, and Film.