ISETL Distribution

ISETL is an Interactive Set Language developed for use in mathematics courses. It is a mathematical programming language whose syntax closely approximates mathematical symbolism. The program is freeware.

Some of the files below are PDF files which may be read with Acrobat Reader. Click here to download the software. Other files are zipped or stuffed—I recommend getting Aladdin Expander.


Versions of ISETL

Current version

Check out the ISETLJ home page.

Install ISETLJ

The ISETLJ program consists of two pieces:
1. A module written in C containing the ISETL engine.
2. A main program written in Java that provides the user interface.
Other files you probably need/want are ISETL include files such as DONPLOT.stl.

From the download page.

Older versions

This is a zip archive of the ISETL folder. Once expanded, the folder can be saved anywhere on a drive.

This application must be run in a third-party emulator under OS X (or on machines that support Classic mode). Users with current Mac OS X might prefer to use Bootstrap to emulate a Windows environment and use ISETLJ listed above.

Check out the ISETLW home page.

This ZIP file expands into a single folder. INSTALLATION NOTE: The beta version cannot parse paths that include spaces when calling the !include directive. So the ISETLW folder and any Start In folder should be placed at the top level of the volume, for example C:\ISETLW\

See this Help page for details.




Getting Started with ISETL

Graphics Guide for ISETL

Quick Reference for ISETL


Source code

Note that this source code was written in 1990, and so it will not compile without much updating.

Download source for ISETL 3.0

File is tarred and gzipped.

Download source for ISETL 3.0

File is zipped only.

Download old source for ISETL 1.6

File is tarred and gzipped.


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